China Wholesale High Quality 10-50 (RC-10EX、20EX、50EX)Explosion-proof Rotary Evaporator

CHINA wholesale high quality 10-50 (RC-10EX/20EX/50EX)Explosion-proof rotary evaporator Product useage: Rotary flask, increased evaporation area. Placed in a thermostatic water (oil) bath rotated under vacuum conditions to form a film, by constant heating, and the solution was evaporated and...

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CHINA wholesale high quality 10-50 (RC-10EX/20EX/50EX)Explosion-proof rotary evaporator

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Product useage:

Rotary flask, increased evaporation area. Placed in a thermostatic water (oil) bath rotated under vacuum conditions to form a film, by constant heating, and the solution was evaporated and efficient diffusion, and then recovering condensed solvent to achieve separation purification, distillation purification equipment testing. Products with recycled water multi-use vacuum pumps, diaphragm pumps, temperature cycling (vacuum) pump, circulating cooler, temperature cycling, cryogenic coolant circulation pump and other supporting components of the system unit. Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, and other universities and research institutions, concentration, drying, ideal for recycling equipment, is particularly suitable for small batch production units.

 Product feature:

Conversion and use of advanced electronic governor, to ensure stable operation of the motor. High evaporation, high recovery rate.

● Japanese technology AC induction motor, worm smooth transmission, variable speed, brushless, no spark, can effectively work long hours.

● The PID temperature control, accurate temperature control, dual water and oil, widely used. Temperature fluctuation is low, only ± 0.2 ℃, evaporation is more stable, not easily wash away the material.

● using PTFE and long-term high temperature Viton seals double, corrosion dynamic secret law system and the long-life, high temperature characteristics ensure high air-tightness.

● collection bottle using milling port connection, you can easily removable, at the same time to achieve a high degree of tightness.

● bath electric lift, in the lifting process, reduce the degree of damage, in the low-boiling evaporation, collection bottle may be immersed in an ice bath, to reduce the secondary evaporation.

● rotary evaporator chassis, bath, main stand, made of high quality stainless steel shaft, attractive appearance and corrosion resistance.

● bath with separate host for flexible configuration.

● easy lifting operation, move up and down smoothly, and to facilitate locking.

● speed digital display, intuitive and convenient.

● machine modular design, scalability, easy to install, easy maintenance.

● You can use based on user demand, explosion-proof electrical part of the configuration. 


RC-10/ RC-10A


RC-50/ RC-50A


Manual lifting/Automatic lifting

Manual lifting/Automatic lifting

Manual lifting/Automatic lifting

Evaporating flask(L)




recieving flas(L)




motor power(W)




vacuum degree




rotation speed(RPM)




evaporatpr power(H2O)(L/H)








size mm




 Remark: manual lifting ML, automatic lifting of AL, model with "A" for bath after lifting, take "EX" for explosion proof type.


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SHAANXI ROCTEC TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD. as a leading manufacturer in the field of the advanced 

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with independent legal personality that mainly deals with study, development, manufacture and scaled sales 

of the advanced chemical apparatus and the exploration of biotechnology. In detail, we manufacture the 

jacketed glass reactor (double-layer glass reactor), UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, vacuum freeze dryer, 

centrifuge, autoclave, rotary evaporator etc

Since its very beginning of establishment, our employee has always been pursuing the spirit of "dedication ,

reality, competition and struggle" and supplying the well-content products service for the laboratory 

apparatuses, furniture, reagent, overall design and fitting-out works needed from the state-grade scientific 


pharmaceutical factory and colleges and universities' testing laboratories.


Our strict execution of the standard of the manufacturing technical and establishment of complete 

the quality management system ensure its reliable quality and strong footing in a market of so many areas

and countries at home and abroad .


Looking forward to the future, we will further strength the concept of quality and service to acclimatize our self

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